Join us as we celebrate Monadnock Madness with our Geocaching Challenge! We’ve curated eight geocaches at Arabia, Panola, and Stone Mountains to help you discover the Atlanta area’s three granite mountains while you play a modern-day treasure hunt. Once you complete all the caches, you’ll earn a special prize.

Take the Challenge

It’s easy and fun! First, download the Geocaching Challenge Passport. There you’ll find each of the eight caches and their codes. Enter the codes either on or use the app on your smartphone to get the location coordinates for each cache. 

Next, get your smartphone or GPS device ready and head out to Stone, Arabia, or Panola Mountains to get started. When you visit each cache, you’ll find a special insert (right) that has a unique password for each location. Record the password on your passport

You have the entire month of March to complete the passport. When you’re done complete the prize form  or send us an email with your mailing address and a picture of your completed passport, and we’ll send you a special prize for completing the challenge (while supplies last).

What is Geocaching? 

Geocaching is a high-tech, outdoor adventure game where players use a handheld GPS device or smartphone to find hidden treasures. These “treasures” are called geocaches and are placed at unique places, often out of sight. Geocache containers come in all shapes and sizes and contain a logbook and sometimes special prizes for trading. Geocaching began in 2000 and has since gained widespread popularity with an estimated 5 million geocachers worldwide. There are currently geocaches on all seven continents and even on the International Space Station! Getting started with geocaching is easy. Simply go to and sign up for a free membership then start searching for nearby caches! 

In the Arabia Mountain National Heritage Area, we have nearly 90 caches throughout this dynamic landscape. To learn more about our program, visit our Geocaching Program website