What in the world is a Monadnock?

A monadnock is a special type of mountain that is formed when a massive blob of lava hardens and creates a very hard clump under the earth. Over millions of years the softer rock around the clump is eroded away leaving a huge mountain that juts out of the flat landscape around it. This process is how Arabia, Panola, and Stone Mountains were all formed.


Panola_Mountain 3 As well as being a geological oddity, each mountain has its own unique features that attract thousands of visitors each year. Hikers will find nature trails, stunning views, and picture-perfect picnic spots atop the granite outcrops. Stone Mountain is the world’s largest exposed granite monolith. At 1,686 feet, the peak offers amazing 360-degree views. Stone Mountain Park surrounds the mountain and has picnic tables, golf, and numerous other attractions. Arabia Mountain is nestled in a 2,500 acre nature preserve complete with rolling hills, woodlands and secluded lakes inside of granite outcrops. Part of a conservation park, Panola Mountain helps protect some of the rarest plant species on earth. This National Natural Landmark is home to group picnic areas, grills, and miles of paved hike/bike trails. giftAs if these peaks weren’t special enough we have even created a unique prize that you can earn just for going to all three parks and taking part in a hike or activity. All you need to do is turn in your passport according to the directions on our prize page and pick up your gift! Ready to explore? Check out our full schedule here. To find the mountains check out our map. From there you will be able to get detailed directions to each peak.

Want to know even more? We also have a full press kit with information and a photo gallery.

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